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FYI for those using Family Sharing in iTunes. All purchases made in the Family Sharing circle must be approved by the administrator account. Yes that’s a good thing for family’s with under age children and it really works well for filtering mature content that you may not want your children to purchase. Its a good thing for sure but it has its quirks. For instance, your children got iTunes cards for Christmas and you think that since all purchases must go through the administrator you will just add the cards to the administrator account. Mistake!!! iTunes credit is not and cannot be shared between members of the Family Sharing. If the family member does not have iTunes store credit on their account then the purchase is billed to the administrators credit card and not taken form the administrator iTunes credit.
So to avoid a big mess, our suggestion and Apple suggestion is to redeem each gift card to each family member and not to the administrator. You will still have to approve the purchase but each purchase will be taken from the requestors iTunes credit first. If the requestor does not have enough credit in their account the remaining will be billed to the administrator credit card.
Also there are a few sites out there that give instruction on how to transfer store credit to another account. They have pictures that explain how to do this in iTunes but once you are finished with the transfer you will notice that its not really a transfer but a new purchase. Your administrator account will be billed via credit card for the new purchase.
Contact us if you have any questions or need assistance regarding this issue.